Ready-1 Event Support | Event Production The Right Way
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Event Support | Event Production

If you’ve ever hosted an event, exhibit, or important meeting, you’ll know that the process is easier said than done. We believe that event-production should be easy, fun, and fuss-free. It’s why we do what we do, streamlining every part of your event from the technical to the practical and everywhere in-between. Our job is to make you look like a rock star – confident, chilled, relaxed, and in complete control.

We want to make sure you can focus on what matters, while we keep the technical cogs in motion for planners, producers, and presenters. Our secret lies in engineering complete events using a fusion of proven technology and well-defined deliverables. We put in the extra elbow grease needed to manage even the most challenging circumstances that could possibly occur on-site.

Working with Ready-1 means enjoying simple practices, the right people and the relevant equipment – delivered to the right place at the right time. We are committed to meeting your expectations on-time and on-budget, preventing problems before they become problems. We remove the guesswork, leaving no room for assumptions, technical hurdles, or “voodoo.” We observe, we consider, then we act in the most appropriate way possible – tapping into both logic and creativity.

We’ll never over-promise over-delivery. We know our limits, something we make clear from the get-go. If our team isn’t comfortable with something, you’ll know about it. It’s this type of honesty that sets us apart – something that’s hard to come by in today’s world. We’ll never take on an event we can’t handle, to protect both our reputation and yours.