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About Us

Event Support | Event Production The Right Way


Established in 2019, Ready-1 is an event production company working with a range of small shops, large conglomerates, and everyone in-between. In a world where event production companies and service providers over-promise and under-deliver, we think differently. We remain honest from the get-go. After an initial chat, we can quickly let you know whether we’ll be a good match or not. We don’t want to waste your time or ours, and our reputation rides on yours.
If we are indeed a good match, we can get started – working on every part of your event to guarantee success. Whether you’re hosting a small meeting or massive conference, we use built-to-order systems that can be implemented in a day. After just one rehearsal, we can confidently say that we’ll be prepared for the big day. We rarely need more than one rehearsal.

What sets Ready-1 apart is our ability to help our clients relax. Event production systems call for intense intricacy and a lot of human coordination – and you’ve got enough to worry about. The sense of not knowing naturally instills a lot of fear and stress in the minds of our clients – something we eliminate. We understand that by hiring us, you’re placing your trust in someone you don’t know from a bar of chocolate. Our testimonials will inspire you, as will our diverse experience in resource and event management and our ability to stay on the pulse of evolving trends.

Ready-1 is not a “fly by night” or “make-it-up-as-we-go-along” kind of business. We understand the value of planning and engineering, no matter the event. We fuse creative thinking with good old-fashioned hard work, taking as much time as needed upfront to ensure the best experience for you and your guests. Our team cares about consistency, reliability, transparency, and affordability. Our team will keep you in-the-loop at every stage of the process. At the same time, we’re also flexible, able to make last-minute changes when a crisis hit or when things grow and scale.

No matter the deadline, we’ll make it happen – with schedules that are often timed down to the minute. We’re obsessed with organization and perfection, with all the right resources and relationships in place to ensure a great event nobody can forget.

Ready… Steady… Go!